America, The Christian Nation

A lot of talk has been started about Obama’s speech during Holy Week of the idea that America is not a Christian nation. While in Turkey, a Muslim country, Obama said the following:

“One of the great strengths of the United States is, ahhh.. although as I have mentioned, ah.. we have a very large Christian population, we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation, ahh.. we consider ourselves ahhh.. a nation of citizens who are ahh.. bound by ideals and  a set of values.”

Hm.  If we are not a Christian nation, then why does this administration, in it’s policies and campaign, use Christian guilt against us.

It is true our nation was built by the  philosophies espoused by the founding fathers, most of which were Christian.  However, using the idea that we should, through taxation, take from the haves, and give to the have-nots, is bogus.

As a nation of citizens, we are to do with our earned assests what we wish to do.  If you wish to give to those less fortunate, then by all means, do so.  There are churches, charities and personal ways of doing this noble deed.

But when the government of any nation forces any man to give to others for the “common good” it is using a bastardized version of what our God compels us to do.  At the same time, Obama and his party uses our tax dollars to promote and afford abortion for not only our nation of citizens, but for the citizens of other nations, and cutting funding for the defense of our great nation.


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Between God and Stimulus Checks

Well it’s back to work tomorrow and the kids will be back to school as well. I had a great time with my family over the Christmas Season. I have made quite a few resolutions which I will keep to myself, so that if I break three or four of them, no one will know.

I suppose I am relieved to get back to work, I am not very good to myself when I am off-schedule. I have had a multitude of ideas that I wanted to write about, but never really had a “get me to my computer” moment. Until today.

On the way home from Mass, my husband and I were discussing politics and the church. He said that when the lector began the “let us prays” he stopped listening when we had to ask the Lord to hear our prayer to spread the wealth. I said to him, wow, I missed that part (I think I probably did zone out for a bit,) he wasn’t sure of the exact words, but that was the gist of it. I probably missed it because we always pray for those less fortunate. Hubby’s hackles were raised probably because of the socialist message our new President let slip to Joe the Plumber.

Now then, I must say that I am quite into politics, but my husband is quite into mechanical things, so we don’t typically discuss politics, especially on the way home from church. But, he started it, and got me into rant mode.

I said, “That is because it is normal and proper for us to pray for, help and share our money and time with those less fortunate. The Catholic Faith accepts St. Thomas Aquinas as it’s leading philosopher, and although I have only read a bit of his teachings, I understand that he was of the opinion that no man should possess things. He said we are to serve God.”

My husband said, “Sure.”

That got me to thinking, there we were in a late 90’s model Mercury, in clothes bought from Walmart or the Salvation Army, driving home on icy roads to our small but warm house.

I continued, “the trouble is, that Obama has successfully taken that message that all Christians believe in, that message of giving, and won the presidency. We pay attention to politics enough to know we are conservative republicans, but will everyone who makes the type of living we do be able to resist being sweet talked?”

“Mmm..” I lost him. Doesn’t matter, I was on to something.

I have just spent a good part of 2008 trying every way I know how to elect a conservative to every office available to represent me. I emailed, called, took a good bit of time on forums to express my view and try to convince others to get off their duffs, ran for office myself, made speeches, the whole time listening daily to two of this country’s finest philosophers, Rush Limbaughand Mark Levin.

However, it is very tough to try to convince people you know that they mustn’t take what is offered to them. Especially when they feel so good being part of a bigger thing that will help someone more needy than they.

I have a lot of friends (thank you dear Lord) that think that the only way they will be able to get health insurance is through Obama, and they are probably right. Insurance is astronomical, and if my husband didn’t have it through his work, we couldn’t pay the price. Heck, we even seem rich to some of the people I know. However, who learned a skill that a company willingly decided to pay a wage and benefits to? Who struggled in the first years to develop a good credit history? Who made responsible decisions when he knew he had two children and a mortgage? My husband worked hard for that benefit.

The people I know that voted for Obama give me two distinct reasons for casting their vote. The first overwhelmingly is because “someone should help the poor.” The second is the belief that life will be better and brighter. Never mind that all through the campaign I told these people all of the information I learned from Rush and TGO about all the people Obama surrounded himself with. None of that mattered because I am partisan, and they never heard it on the news, so obviously I was just trying to tear down Mr. Obama.

I have a friend who is a township clerk, she has such a difficult time during elections because everything has to be just so or she will get in trouble. I told her about ACORN, (Mark Levin hammered on ACORN for such a long time it was the only thing on my mind) and how the Democrats were using it to get fraudulent votes. She didn’t believe me, it wasn’t on the news. She did have a major problem with the same day registration and voting going on in other states, but it didn’t go much further than a statement.

So that’s where we are, the Obama voters I know who would never vote for the guy if they knew what I did are singing “Bright Sunshiny Day,” and “Whatsoever You Do.”

Back to our conversation, “the thing is,” I said, “that people will probably be handed a ‘stimulus’ check like the one given to us in the spring, and will be very happy Mr. Obama is in office. Only it will be very big.”

“How big?” Hubby was listening.

I don’t know, according to Senator Levin we won’t be getting one, but the people around Obama say it will be big, maybe, I don’t know, $3000.”

“That’s my chopper.” He wants to chop his ‘69 Harley.

I said, “Well I was just guessing, I don’t even know, you know the country will be ruined by this type of stuff….and besides, we finally can start saving for college for the kids.”

Forget it, he saw stars in his eyes, he’s been wanting to do something with that bike for sometime, and now he is laid off and hasn’t the funds.

Yes that’s where we are isn’t it? A Presidential candidate stole Jesus’ message of giving. Once the idea sets itself within the minds of the masses that the government is one man, one message, Lord have mercy on us all.

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