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Hey, I Want A Yacht.

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Deep Compromises?



I can’t wait to hear the “deep” compromises that Obama will shake down the UAW for.

All hail Ford Motor Company!!  They aren’t seeking government aid!

Update: March 11, 2009

The Ford Motor Company has successfully negotiated with the UAW on lower wages that will save jobs and save money, helping keep the company’s good name.   Well, that is a start.  Let’s remember that Ford did not seek government aid.

Either you are good at running a business, or you are good at running to the government.  So far, my money is on Ford.

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Advice for women

Rush Limbaugh, radio host extraordinaire said he would hold a special ‘female summit’ in an upcoming hour of the award-winning, growing by leaps and bounds Rush Limbaugh radio program Tuesday.

We’ll have a summit of all the women in this audience — or as many of them as we can get into breakout groups — and perhaps devote an hour in an upcoming program to calls only from women who genuinely want to talk to me. They can be liberal, conservative. They could be non-audience members, could be audience members.  But I want some of these women to start telling me what it is I must do to close the gender gap — or, if not what it is I must do to close the gender gap, what it is I’ve done that has caused the gender gap; assuming the gender gap is true and that the poll is true.  We’ll accept it for what it is for the sake of the exercise.

I was on a forum at the time, and I answered thusly:

There is nothing he can do to get more women, women have to stop being silly and stupid, and that will never happen. There are always going to be the smart girls who are listening to him and by the way, the men in their lives, but the vast majority of women do not or will not do it.

Now, I was typing off the top of my head during the forum so I will further explain.

I am a woman, and the women I know for the most part are not silly and stupid.  They are busy with family, social matters and the organization of the two.  They do not think of politics, and when they have to, less is more.  They are not interested in hearing three hours of political philosophy.  But the women I know are not like most women in that they are logical in mindset, pragmatic, and interested in solutions.  We are tough out here.

However, as I look around, listen in on conversations in restaurants and stores, and go to parties, I can see the masses of women who hate men for what they are.  They try to control them, they talk down to them, they chastise them, they degrade them, they tease them sexually, they complain constantly that their man is not good enough, smart enough or successful enough.

Ladies, some advice.  Men are men.  They are not women.  Stop trying to make men be like women.  It is not helpful to a relationship, and it will not work.

During the third hour of Rush’s show on Wednesday he held his female summit.  The first caller was Dee in San Diego.  Dee listened to her father in law who told her to stop listening to NPR and start listening to Rush.  Next, Deborah in Brighton, MI wanted Rush to love women for their minds and not their outward appearance, taking particular offense to the term “infobabe.”  Rita told Rush to stop talking down to people and acting like he knows everything saying, “you’re opinion doesn’t necessarily have to be everyone’s opinion.”  Rush shot back, “It should be.”  I watched Rush on his dittocam giggle heartily after Rita’s call.  Kiesha, a college student was told by Rush to ‘man up’ and tell people she knows that she listens to him.  Denise in South Carolina listened to her father in law when he told her to listen to Rush.  Finally, Janet in Grosse Pointe, MI was condescending to Rush.  This whole exercise just goes to prove how useless summits are.

Women have to be strong and independent to listen to good advice.  Men and women are different. Period.  It is in learning about what your particular man wants, needs and hopes for that you get what you want, ladies.  Unless you picked a bad one.

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Between God and Stimulus Checks

Well it’s back to work tomorrow and the kids will be back to school as well. I had a great time with my family over the Christmas Season. I have made quite a few resolutions which I will keep to myself, so that if I break three or four of them, no one will know.

I suppose I am relieved to get back to work, I am not very good to myself when I am off-schedule. I have had a multitude of ideas that I wanted to write about, but never really had a “get me to my computer” moment. Until today.

On the way home from Mass, my husband and I were discussing politics and the church. He said that when the lector began the “let us prays” he stopped listening when we had to ask the Lord to hear our prayer to spread the wealth. I said to him, wow, I missed that part (I think I probably did zone out for a bit,) he wasn’t sure of the exact words, but that was the gist of it. I probably missed it because we always pray for those less fortunate. Hubby’s hackles were raised probably because of the socialist message our new President let slip to Joe the Plumber.

Now then, I must say that I am quite into politics, but my husband is quite into mechanical things, so we don’t typically discuss politics, especially on the way home from church. But, he started it, and got me into rant mode.

I said, “That is because it is normal and proper for us to pray for, help and share our money and time with those less fortunate. The Catholic Faith accepts St. Thomas Aquinas as it’s leading philosopher, and although I have only read a bit of his teachings, I understand that he was of the opinion that no man should possess things. He said we are to serve God.”

My husband said, “Sure.”

That got me to thinking, there we were in a late 90’s model Mercury, in clothes bought from Walmart or the Salvation Army, driving home on icy roads to our small but warm house.

I continued, “the trouble is, that Obama has successfully taken that message that all Christians believe in, that message of giving, and won the presidency. We pay attention to politics enough to know we are conservative republicans, but will everyone who makes the type of living we do be able to resist being sweet talked?”

“Mmm..” I lost him. Doesn’t matter, I was on to something.

I have just spent a good part of 2008 trying every way I know how to elect a conservative to every office available to represent me. I emailed, called, took a good bit of time on forums to express my view and try to convince others to get off their duffs, ran for office myself, made speeches, the whole time listening daily to two of this country’s finest philosophers, Rush Limbaughand Mark Levin.

However, it is very tough to try to convince people you know that they mustn’t take what is offered to them. Especially when they feel so good being part of a bigger thing that will help someone more needy than they.

I have a lot of friends (thank you dear Lord) that think that the only way they will be able to get health insurance is through Obama, and they are probably right. Insurance is astronomical, and if my husband didn’t have it through his work, we couldn’t pay the price. Heck, we even seem rich to some of the people I know. However, who learned a skill that a company willingly decided to pay a wage and benefits to? Who struggled in the first years to develop a good credit history? Who made responsible decisions when he knew he had two children and a mortgage? My husband worked hard for that benefit.

The people I know that voted for Obama give me two distinct reasons for casting their vote. The first overwhelmingly is because “someone should help the poor.” The second is the belief that life will be better and brighter. Never mind that all through the campaign I told these people all of the information I learned from Rush and TGO about all the people Obama surrounded himself with. None of that mattered because I am partisan, and they never heard it on the news, so obviously I was just trying to tear down Mr. Obama.

I have a friend who is a township clerk, she has such a difficult time during elections because everything has to be just so or she will get in trouble. I told her about ACORN, (Mark Levin hammered on ACORN for such a long time it was the only thing on my mind) and how the Democrats were using it to get fraudulent votes. She didn’t believe me, it wasn’t on the news. She did have a major problem with the same day registration and voting going on in other states, but it didn’t go much further than a statement.

So that’s where we are, the Obama voters I know who would never vote for the guy if they knew what I did are singing “Bright Sunshiny Day,” and “Whatsoever You Do.”

Back to our conversation, “the thing is,” I said, “that people will probably be handed a ‘stimulus’ check like the one given to us in the spring, and will be very happy Mr. Obama is in office. Only it will be very big.”

“How big?” Hubby was listening.

I don’t know, according to Senator Levin we won’t be getting one, but the people around Obama say it will be big, maybe, I don’t know, $3000.”

“That’s my chopper.” He wants to chop his ‘69 Harley.

I said, “Well I was just guessing, I don’t even know, you know the country will be ruined by this type of stuff….and besides, we finally can start saving for college for the kids.”

Forget it, he saw stars in his eyes, he’s been wanting to do something with that bike for sometime, and now he is laid off and hasn’t the funds.

Yes that’s where we are isn’t it? A Presidential candidate stole Jesus’ message of giving. Once the idea sets itself within the minds of the masses that the government is one man, one message, Lord have mercy on us all.

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My Country Cousins

What I really want to know, my country friends, is why haven’t you understood what you’ve just given away.  You have just made sure that your income is too much.  Don’t you want anymore?

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Obama’s Mama’s Mama

Obama 2008

Are you falling for this?  C’mon, really?

He lied about the circumstances around why she was afraid of black men, calling her a typical white person.  He went to her bedside three days after he told us she was dying and might not make it.  He spent a half an hour with her in Hawaii.  And now she is dead and he cries on stage?


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The Truth About Barack Obama and William Ayers 

Ayers’ terrorist group the Weather Underground launched an armored-car robbery that left two Nyack, NY police officers — Officer Waverly Brown and Sergeant Ed O’Grady — mortally wounded. In addition, the Brinks armored-car driver, Peter Paige was also shot to death by the Weathermen.

Quite simply, Ayers’ group of killers left five children without fathers as a result of the brutal and vicious armored car robbery.

Progressives for Obama signatories include Weathermen Howard Machtinger, Jeff Jones, Steve Tappis and Mark Rudd. Machtinger helped author the the mission statement of the Weathermen that called for revolutionaries within the United States to wage a ‘people’s war’ and attack from within. The government would fall and ‘world communism’ eventually would be instituted.

In addition to the New York police officers killed, a 1970 pipe bomb in San Francisco set by the group killed another police officer and critically wounded yet another cop. When given the opportunity to serve on boards and appear at press conferences with Ayers, an up-and-coming politician named Barack Obama jumped at the chance.

Recently released records from the Richard J. Daley Library at the University of Illinois, Chicago show that Obama and Ayers attended board meetings, retreats and press conferences from 1995 to 2001 as directors of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

Another major fundraiser for Obama is William Ayers, who also sat on the board of the Woods Fund with Obama and is a professor at the University of Chicago.

Bill Ayers – along with his wife Bernadine Dohrn – was an active member of the Weather Underground, a radical left-wing group that advocated violence against the United State. Both Ayers and Dohrn went “underground” in 1970 after others in the group accidentally detonated a bomb in a Greenwich Village (New York City) townhouse. The blast killed three of the group’s members including Ayers’ girlfriend at the time.

While Ayers and Dohrn were hiding from law enforcement, the Weather Underground participated in the bombings of the US Capital, the Pentagon and a State Department building. In 1981 Ayers and Dohrn turned themselves in to federal authorities, but all charges were dropped as a result of alleged “government legal misconduct.” In his 2001 memoir, Ayers wrote, “I don’t regret setting the bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.”

Ayers and Dohrn are known to have held at least one fundraiser for Barack Obama in their Chicago home.

During Obama’s last year on the board of The Woods Fund (2002), he participated in awarding grants, including a $70,000 grant to the Arab American Action Network, a Chicago-based group founded by Rashid and Mona Khalidi. In another suspected quid pro quo arrangement similar to those with Ayers and Rezko, Rashid Khalidi also held a fundraising event in his home for Barack Obama.

In the Middle East, Rashid Khalidi was known as a man to be reckoned with. From 1972 through 1983, Khalidi was the director in Beirut of the official Palestinian press agency, FAFA. His wife worked there as well.

According to sources who served in the US Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency, when the Khalidi’s left Chicago for Columbia University in New York, Rashid was honored with the Edward Said Chair in Arab Studies at that Ivy League university. Their goodbye party in Chicago included testimonials from Bill Ayers and Barack Obama. 

William Ayers is the second Chicago figure to consider in the political profile of Mr. Obama.  William C. Ayers, known as Bill Ayers, is notorious as a terrorist bomber from the 1970s who, on September 11, 2001, in the New York Times was quoted as finding “a certain eloquence in bombs.” Now, at 62, Mr. Ayers, a former aide to the current Mayor Richard M. Daley, is an established professor of education at the University of Illinois in Chicago.  Importantly, Mr. Ayers and his wife, the equally notorious Weatherman terrorist Bernardine Dohrn, hosted a crucial meet-the-candidate event in their Hyde Park neighborhood home in 1995 when Mr. Obama, also a Hyde Park resident, was sounded out by vital citizens, among them the retiring state senator Alice Palmer for the 13th District.”


Mr. Ayers, who has been described by one supporter as “friends” with Mr. Obama, openly speaks and writes of his role in the 1974 bombing of the U.S. Capitol Building where Mr. Obama now serves.  Mr. Ayers is widely quoted from his reminiscence, which appeared in the New York Times on the infamous Tuesday, September 11, 2001: “I don’t regret setting bombs.  I feel we didn’t do enough.”  When asked in that same interview if he would set more bombs today, his response was, “I don’t want to discount the possibility.”

In 1995, State Senator Alice Palmer introduced her chosen successor, Barack Obama, to a few of the district’s influential liberals at the home of two well known figures on the local left: William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

While Ayers and Dohrn may be thought of in Hyde Park as local activists, they’re better known nationally as two of the most notorious — and unrepentant — figures from the violent fringe of the 1960s anti-war movement.

(Two attendees recall the event.)

“I can remember being one of a small group of people who came to Bill Ayers’ house to learn that Alice Palmer was stepping down from the senate and running for Congress,” said Dr. Quentin Young, a prominent Chicago physician and advocate for single-payer health care, of the informal gathering at the home of Ayers and his wife, Dohrn. “[Palmer] identified [Obama] as her successor.”

Obama and Palmer “were both there,” he said.

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The Party of JFK

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