Earth Day Rebellion

Last night my daughter recounted an event that happened in her classroom.

Yesterday was  Earth Day, a silly memorial observed by the media and people who need to feel guilt.  I am only aware that it was because of the news cycle.

The teacher, a substitute, was attempting to involve the children in a discussion about what hurts and what helps our environment.  She wrote two columns on the board with the headings ‘HURT’ and ‘HELP.’  The children volunteered information on the topic and the teacher wrote each suggestion under the appropriate title.

The last entry in the ‘HURT’ column was “global warming” which the teacher circled to highlight it’s superior importence.

My daughter said, “But, global warming is a myth.”

Immediately one child said, “No it isn’t!”  Another child said, “That’s not true!”  Then one child said, “I’m with you, Veronica!”

The teacher wheeled around and said, “Stop!  Who said it’s a myth?”  Most of the children pointed at Veronica.

The teacher said, “That is one of the most wrong things I have ever heard.”  To which my daughter responded, “Did you see the amount of snow we got this winter?”  A different child than the one that said she ‘was with my daughter’ said, “Exactly, Veronica.”

The teacher went on to prove her point by citing, “The polar ice caps are melting, that is not an accident.”  She then went on with more drivel fed to her by her superior intellect and the American-engine of the world-crushing group-think of Al Gore.

When my daughter told my husband about the incident, he high-fived her and when she told me, I told her how proud of her I am.

Global sea ice is back to the levels it was thirty years ago.


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Rush Limbaugh Invites President Obama On His Radio Show.

Even offers to put him up at a 5 star resort, send a fleet of SUV’s to get him from Airforce One, serve him wagu beef at a hundred dollars a pound, all so President Obama can debate Rush to prove that Rush is wrong.

Of course, Obama won’t take him up on the offer, because like Al Gore will not debate global warming,  he will not debate the economy because he is wrong on the issues.

And Rush is Right.

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The Continuing Stoooory of Quack……who’s gone to the dogs.

custom1I cannot for the life of me understand why such fawning praise is given to this fraud.  Al Gore is a snake-oil salesman, a preacher who fell from grace, a filthy liar, a kook, a laughingstock.  Yet somehow, our congress gives him the utmost respect.  What does that say about our congress?

I read a story which said that Gore was shown great deference and respect by Republican Senators Isakson, Lugar and Corker.  They had better have been joking.  This man is ruining our country’s future with a wink and a nod alone.

I remember a commercial in which Newt Gingrich sat on a sofa with Nancy Pelosi saying we all have to do something about global warming.  When asked why he would do such a commercial, Newt answered that the nation believes in global warming, (I’m paraphrasing) and we as Republicans better get on board.

Well, that’s not true Gingrich, Corker, Lugar, Isakson, and the rest of you dimwits who obviously haven’t a clue where global warming has been polling as of late.

You Republicans may vote against the stimulus which is highly recommended by the way, but this drumbeat of liberalism isn’t ending anytime soon and your much needed back-straightening will be administered to you by the conservative movement.  In turn, to borrow a quote from John Belushi in ‘Animal House’, “My advice to you, is to start drinking heavily.”

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