Send Gitmo Prisoners to the U.P.?

I am livid about this stupid idea!! If you live in Michigan, you should be too!

It’s not just Stupak that wants this to happen, its my own Senator Jason Allen and our former Governor John Engler.

“Former Gov. John Engler, a Republican, also suggested the U.P. as a suitable location during a meeting with GOP legislators this month. He described it as an innovative way to attract federal money and reduce the state’s chronic budget deficit.”

Yippee, send the bastards to the UP to endanger the lives of our fellow Michiganders for money.

Here’s an idea, how about you elected Republicans in this beautiful state allow the Democrats to step on the upturned rake so the handle hits them in the face, rather than attempt to appear open-minded about their ideas?

This issue could have been used against Stupak in the future, but now, all he has to do is point out that he had “broad, bipartisan support.”


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  1. Closing Gitmo leaves only an assortment of undesirable choices. The U.P. idea is one of them. The smart thing would be to keep them at Guantanamo.

    Unfortunately, “smart” and “optimistic” are not the words I think I’m going to use on this issue.

    Comment by Ken | June 4, 2009 | Reply

  2. I think this whole thing is being overblown. While I don’t want these folks in my neighborhood (who does), what would they do if they escaped from Camp Manistique? That’s a serious question and I’m not intending to be flippant about the damage terrorists have done to our country. Hell, I say bring them up here and leave the doors to the prison unlocked–in January and February–dare them to “do something.” That would be some great entertainment. The weather and the Yoopers would make very short work of them.

    Comment by Bill | June 4, 2009 | Reply

  3. […] by Representative Bart Stupak (D) and John Engler, former Republican Governor of Michigan.  I was appalled by the idea that a Republican would agree to such a thing as endangering his fellow M… “He described it as an innovative way to attract federal money and reduce the state’s […]

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  4. […] is all for it knowing what we know, means he is either clueless or evil.  I was against this move when I first heard of it, I am even more convinced now that this move, though not inevitable right now, is the stupidest […]

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