America, The Christian Nation

A lot of talk has been started about Obama’s speech during Holy Week of the idea that America is not a Christian nation. While in Turkey, a Muslim country, Obama said the following:

“One of the great strengths of the United States is, ahhh.. although as I have mentioned, ah.. we have a very large Christian population, we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation, ahh.. we consider ourselves ahhh.. a nation of citizens who are ahh.. bound by ideals and  a set of values.”

Hm.  If we are not a Christian nation, then why does this administration, in it’s policies and campaign, use Christian guilt against us.

It is true our nation was built by the  philosophies espoused by the founding fathers, most of which were Christian.  However, using the idea that we should, through taxation, take from the haves, and give to the have-nots, is bogus.

As a nation of citizens, we are to do with our earned assests what we wish to do.  If you wish to give to those less fortunate, then by all means, do so.  There are churches, charities and personal ways of doing this noble deed.

But when the government of any nation forces any man to give to others for the “common good” it is using a bastardized version of what our God compels us to do.  At the same time, Obama and his party uses our tax dollars to promote and afford abortion for not only our nation of citizens, but for the citizens of other nations, and cutting funding for the defense of our great nation.


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  1. We are a post-Christian nation. This nation was founded by Christians, with Christian principles. But those principles have long been abandoned by both the Federal government and the church. Over the last 100 years we’ve seen a weakening of the church’s influence over society. Abortion would have been unthinkable when the nation was founded, today there are a number of people who call themselves Christians who think nothing of abortion. At the founding the notion of homosexuals getting married, much less having special rights, would have been outrageous. Today, there are plenty of Christians who don’t have a problem with it. A hundred years ago, it would have been outrageous for a business to be open on the Sabbath. Today people grouse when Meijer’s is closed on Christmas and they would freak out if it or other stores were closed on Sunday.

    Our nation has long since abandoned scripture as our guide, we’ve embraced a worship of state and science. We have the last remains of a Christian society but in practice this is very much a post-Christian nation we live in. We’re well on our way to becoming Europe in a generation.

    Comment by Notliberal | April 13, 2009 | Reply

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