David Brock-Leader of the pack of leftist morons.

I got this email from some moron named David Crock.  He thinks I dislike Rush Limbaugh.  I changed some of the wording.

Dear Friend, (I’m not your friend)

The conservative movement is breaking down, heating up and the most influential right-wing voice in the media — Rush Limbaugh — has solidified his role as their de facto leader. His proclamation that he “hope[s]” President Obama “fails” started a firestorm that continues to rage. With conservatives dubbing Limbaugh a leader of the conservative movement, Media Matters has launched a new website dedicated to monitoring his commentary and smears: Limbaugh Wire.

Help fund the Limbaugh Wire. 

When you donate $10 to Media Matters, we’ll send you a “Rush Limbaugh Doesn’t Speak for Me” bumper sticker.

Limbaugh’s radio show commands more than 13 million weekly listeners (and President Obama has insured that it will be many, many more) on more than 600 stations, making him one of the most powerful media figures in America. His impact on the mainstream media is tangible and profound. (Wow, you actually got something right, Davey. ) Conservative commentators and elected officials regularly parrot his talking points think conservatively as well, and speak out on radio, TV, print, and online.

The Limbaugh Wire is a resource center devoted to monitoring silencing the top-rated radio talk show host in America, a man Ronald Reagan dubbed the “Number One voice for conservatism in our Country” and congressional Republicans felt was so influential to their 1994 takeover that they made him an honorary member of the GOP freshman class.

Please support our effort to silence Limbaugh:

Help fund the Limbaugh Wire.

When you donate $10 to Media Matters, we’ll send you a “Rush Limbaugh Doesn’t Speak for Me” bumper sticker.

We appreciate your support. Visit for frequent updates on all things Limbaugh.

David Brock
CEO, Media Matters for America


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