Goodbye, President Bush

I am more emotional than I expected to be upon writing this.  I voted for George W. Bush for two reasons: 1)He wanted to privatize social security, and 2)a quote I heard about him while he was Governor of Texas.  While under scrutiny from the press for not stopping the death of a murderer in Texas, he said something like, “People have got to understand that they won’t get away with this in Texas.”

He never was able to follow through on the Social Security deal, (for reasons I don’t care to research right now,)  but he certainly protected the American people like he did the Texans.  For that, I will always love President Bush.

There are plenty of conservatives (including me) up in arms about the fiscal irresponsibility of the man.  To be sure, our country has been spending for years and years on the backs of its grandchildren, and for him to declare himself a conservative raises numerous objections.   But then, that is not what President Bush’s presidency was all about.

It was all about this:

Just like I knew he would, President Bush made sure that those interested in murdering people here in our country would be held to account.

This is a tearful goodbye from me to a great man and a good president.

Goodbye President Bush, The Great Protector.


January 19, 2009 - Posted by | President Bush

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